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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hidden and Musical NYC Trivia - 6th and Final Round!

NYC Trivia - Questions about Big Apple's Hidden Musical Gems - Final installment-Part VI

On our recent New York City Hidden Germs Big Adventure, we took over the basement bar area of Puck Fair in SoHo, divided into teams and challenged our noggin with some quality trivia about all things hidden in NYC. We wanted to bring the quiz questions to the web and see how well you can handle these stumpers. The Big Adventure brings you five of our questions from our NYC Trivia dosed out in six easy installments. Once again, on this our final day, we're focusing on some great Musical Trivia. Scroll down for link to answers.

11. Who currently holds the all-time record for greatest number of appearances at Madison Square Garden with 62 shows (Hint: the 60th occurring on his 60th birthday, 2007)?

12.  New York natives Michael Diamond, Adam Yauch, and Adam Horowitz are members of what?

13. Finish this line from the song - From the famous 1949 musical “On The Town”: “New York, New York – it’s a helluva town….”

14. What groundbreaking jazz musician’s is the club Birdland named after?

15. Who has performed the most on Saturday Night Live with a total of 9 Musical Guest Appearances?

So, how did YOU do with all thirty questions on New York City trivia? Were you able to rise to the challenge and excel on all things related to the Big Apple? Well, at least we hope you learned an interesting thing or do. 

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