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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Big Adventure Recommends: Brunch at the Central Park Boathouse (enter on the 72nd Street Entrance)

So,sometimes every New Yorker wants to find that restaurant that is the perfect combination of excellent location, delicious food and, yes, the ...chance to escape like a confused tourist. The Boathouse delivers and then some. Snuggled away in the middle of Central Park,The Boat Basin is hardly a secret locale. But it is well worth the visit...especially for a weekend brunch. The Big Adventure has several strong reasons for recommending this venue:

Oh-So-Scenic Views: The setting is picturesque, peaceful and pleasant. In recent years, the Central Park staff has always done a great job on keeping the park in tip-top shape from 59th street to 110th street.Same can be said for the boathouse. Right on the water full of people… well…boating…with big windows, a large dining area and cooling ceiling fans. It is one of those places where you would never think that you're in the middle of NYC. Quality Food and a Full Bar: For brunch, the menu rivals some of the more famous places in the city complete with generous pours for your Mimosa, Cape Cod, Screwdriver or, our favorite, Greyhound.

Value: delicious dishes at a reasonable price. Aside from a built in 15% gratuity for all, the food is moderately priced with none of that famed Times Square-esque surcharge. Full meals for under twenty bones.

And, lastly, admit it, as much as you mock the family from Stockholm in their matching paper thin "I Heart NY" T-shirts that are so cheap you can see all of their nipples, its fun to be a tourist in your own city sometimes. To occasionally look around with awe and wonder. Go on a sunny weekend day in the future…you won’t be sorry..