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Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York City Music Trivia - Part IV

New York City Trivia - Questions about The Big Apple's Hidden Gems - Part IV

On our recent New York City Hidden Germs Big Adventure, we took over the basement bar area of Puck Fair in SoHo, divided into teams and challenged our noggin with some quality trivia about all things hidden in NYC. We wanted to bring the quiz questions to the web and see how well you can handle these stumpers. Each day, The Big Adventure bring you five of our questions from our NYC Trivia in six easy installments. Scroll down for link to answers. This is the first of a couple of rounds of quiz questions based on something NYC does quite well: Music!
1.  By definition, an official “Broadway” Theater means that a theater has at least how many seats?

2. According to the Holiday Classic by Rum D.M.C, “it’s Christmas in….” where?

3. Duke Ellington implored listeners to travel on what subway line?  

4. The now defunct concert venue CBGBs name was acronym stood that stood for what? Bonus: what was the basement bar called?

5.According to 1960’s crooner Petula Clark, “The lights are much brighter and you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares” where? 

Even More questions coming tomorrow!  

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