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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why we need a Spring Big Adventure

If you're wondering what motivates us to throw a Big Adventure based loosely on the return of warm weather (more info TBA) look no further than this ridiculous forecast for more snow today. On Baseball's Opening Day. One week into Spring. Man, it has been a brutal winter.

Sign up on the event page and join us for warm weather doings on April 30th! Two very enticing words: Electric Lemonade
From the Daily News: Here we snow again...ANOTHER winter storm set to sock NYC
And now, delicious, delicious Electric Lemonade:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pillow Fight NYC 2011

The Fifth International Pillow Fight Day is coming this Saturday, April 3rd in Union Square at 14th and Broadway just as the clock bells strike 3:00 PM. Relive your childhood days in all in good spirit. 

This annual event occurs the first Saturday in April in dozens of cities Internationally, but draws great crowds for the New York City Pillow Fight. There are costumes galore and all ages are welcome (although we might suggest leaving Granny at the home for this one).

We've covered this before, but events like these tend to fall into the No Pants Subway Ride category. Yeah, it was truly awesome when it was an underground almost flash mob event with 500 people astounding unsuspecting crowds, but now with thousands of fluffy cushion touting people it's not quite the same. 

The event is free, but you gotta bring/sacrifice your own feather-free pillow. Look out for the overly-aggressive ones who stuffed their cases with multiple pineapples. 16.000 people have already given their Facebook RSVP so expect a big crowd.

Ah, and a nice bonus to all the pillow mayhem: Leftover synthetic pillows are being donated to animal shelters to make bedding for puppies and kittens. 

Full Information from the Official Site Here

 And, since the Big Adventure always likes to give ya a treat, here is some in-the-field video taken on the front last year. Man, that is a lot of pillows:

Announcing: The Next NYC Big Adventure!

Join us as we transverse The Big Apple on The Next Big Adventure with a series of events that are extraordinary, social, inexpensive and unique in New York City. The Big Adventure is planning on taking advantage of the (finally) nice weather. The plan is to spend as much time in the sun and outdoors as we can while hitting up a number of distinctive destinations. 
After all, it has been a particularly brutal winter for what feels like the last 17 months. As per usual, all are welcome to join our semi-regular Adventure as we explore the best well-known and yet-to-be-discovered locations, events and scenes in NYC.
Come join us as we celebrate the Onset of Spring in NYC!
Complete details coming in Early April, but for now  we suggest you "like" our Facebook Page for to get  looped in to regular updates and more: http://www.facebook.com/TheBigAdventure
...And if you would like to know more about all our past big Adventures, Click Here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yankees Tickets for Five Bucks!

Friend-Of-The-Big-Adventure Niccole enlightened us to this steal:  $5 Seats to eleven select New York Yankee games through Mid-May (and one in September).

An amazing deal to see any MLB game to being with. Toss in the fact that it is in Yankee Stadium (where a beer seem to cost $21.75) makes this an astonishing deal. The games are against traditionally "second teir" opponents like Orioles and Royals, but who cares? Seats are available in select areas of the Terrace Level, Grandstand Level or Bleachers for Five Bones! One Honest Abe! The Cost of a Happy Hour drink! The price of a Subway Foot Long! You get the point...Purchase in advance while you can. Major League Baseball kicks off Opening Day this Thursday, March 31st. 

Update - As of 4/11, the remaining eight games for the $5 Yankee Tickets are listed below. following. All games start at 7:05 PM at Yankee Stadium.

Wed, Apr 13      Baltimore Orioles    
Thu, Apr 14        Baltimore Orioles    
Mon, Apr 25      Chicago White Sox 
Tue, Apr 26       Chicago White Sox
Tue, May 10       Kansas City Royals         
Thu, May 12       Kansas City Royals         
Mon, May 23     Toronto Blue Jays             
Tue, Sep 6        Baltimore Orioles           

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sex, Drugs, Rock...and Photojournalism?

Looking for a cheap, culturally-relevant weekend doings or date idea? The Big Adventure suggests "'Catch the Beat' The Roots of Punk and Hip Hop Photography" at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in the Bowery next to the old CBGB's site at 313 Bowery Street. 
This exhibition documents the groundbreaking early years of Punk and Hip Hop through eyes of British photographers from the 70s through the '90s Free. Running through April 11th. Rock!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Big Adventure recommends O'Neill's Irish Bar

In a city of 10,000 bars, The Big Adventure has found that it can be surprisingly hard to find a bar that it is centrally located, high in personality and low in drama and cost. We think we hit paydirt when we discovered O'Neill's Irish Bar (729 3rd Avenue near 44th Street in Manhattan) 
O'Neill's is a traditional Irish Pub at it's finest. The Happy Hour special till 8:00 PM every night offers quality brews from Guinness to Goose Island on tap for Four Bucks a pint. Of course, the downside of a quality happy hour is the somewhat overwhelming crowds that envelope the bar in the early evening. As the night wears on, you'll find a good space with friendly bartenders, full menu, a central location that is just steps from Grand Central and fair-priced drinks. Plus, live Irish Music every Saturday.
Go there yesterday. Oh, and be on the look out for the late night Bagpipe Player. http://www.oneillsnewyork.com/

Friday, March 25, 2011

Various NYC Events and Happenings the Weekend of March 25th, 2011

Just a quick entry to brief you on three very cool things going on around New York City this late March weekend. This insane weather full of hail and sleet got ya down? Here are a couple of solid alternatives from braving it outside...

This caught our eye: Theatrix - Original, short, creative theater from the Drama Students at NYC. Theatrix is basically a showcase of ten minute plays from bold up and comers. Without a doubt, some of it will be very good and some of it will be not, but each offering should be worth seeing. Bonus: The length of the performances are perfect for the Big Adventure's incredibly short attention span and small bladder)
Admission is free.
Four performances this weekend starting tonight, March 24th. 
Black Box Theatre, 82 Washington Square East on the NYU Campus.

The NCAA March Madness Basketball Bracket Lounge

Ah, we are half-way through the Sweet 16 Games and knee deep in March Madness. Lucky for us, the good people at Time-Warner and The Shops of Columbus Circle have provided the perfect temporary atmosphere for the occasion: The NCAA March Madness Basketball Bracket Lounge.  

All day through late this evening, enjoy four giant TVs showing the tournament, eight computer kiosks, interactive basketball shooting games and photo opportunities with virtual images of CBS Sports and Turner announcers. We're not even sure what that last part means, but we've got the College Hoops Fever blurring our judgment so there's that.

Happy Birthday, New York City Street Grid!  

So, the famed layout of Avenues and Numbered Streets turns 200 years old this week. That’s impressively old. One might think there isn't much more to say about the milestone, but the fine folks at NY Magazine have written a captivating essay about the Big Apple Streets which we sometimes tend to take for granted. Worth the read.

(Also, it was pointed out to the Big Adventure that those one-uppers at the New York Times printed a pretty great article too on the subject)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Burger Day NYC!

Today, March 24th, is (apparently) BURGER DAY in New York City! Deals through the beloved Groupon abound! Including discounts at  Lucky's Famous Burgers, Bareburger, Corner Burger Mark, Burger Burger and eight other quality joints throughout town. 

We've got burgers as far as the eye can see! For in vogue gourmet everyday food, these are the new cupcakes! Take advantage now because the goodness ends at Midnight Thursday (3/24).

Update: The Deal is expired and can't be found on groupon, but you can still get The Dirt: http://www.groupon.com/blog/cities/burger-day-in-nyc/

No Five Napkin Burger with this Groupon which makes the Big Adventure a touch sad, because that place truly offers one Incredible burger.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Place For A Guinness on St. Patrick's Day in New York City

Well, we've enjoyed enough of Ireland's best stout in enough bars to be smart enough not to get tangled up in this debate: There are too many great bars, great bartenders and just amazing locales in the city to coin on as "The Best."

That being said, we thought we'd pass on this article from the NY Daily News that lists some top bars that serve the legendary stout from St. Jame's Gate:

Some of their NY Daily's selections include:
  • Dalton's Seaside Grill - Way out on Rockaway Beach, but the trip is apparently worth it
  • The Beekman - Billed as "An Irish Pub in Downtown Manhattan"
  • Tracks RAW Bar and Grill -Sure, great, if you like your bars underground and in a filthy train station with no windows, but hey, maybe that's just us
  • Irish Heaven -  In the heart of Sunset Park Brooklyn, they boast pints for $4
  • The Dead Poet -  Which is coincidentally one of the Big Adventures beloved Upper West Side bars. We just recently enjoyed a few pints in a futile attempt to get our name on the wall.
Additionally, we would be incredibly remiss if we didn't mention a few of our own:
  • Paddy Reilly's Bar - The All-Guinness bar at 2nd Ave and 29th in Kip's Bay serves nothing by Guinness on tap and constantly entertains with live music.
  • Stout- Near Madison Square Garden, probably one of the largest bar/restaurant spaces in Manhattan with a delicious menu to boot. Our guess is they pour more Guinness than 50 small neighborhood bars combined. 
  • Doyle's Corner - In the middle of Astoria, our heart sings always for thee. More than any other pub in the city, Doyle's feels like home to the Big Adventure.

Happy St. Partick's Day from the Big Adventure!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You can lead a War Horse to the Lincoln Center Fountain for water...

We have to admit: The Big Adventure kind of wants to buy tickets to see the new drama “War Horse” at Lincoln Center Theater just for this crazy looking horse!

Previews began yesterday, March 15th at the Vivian Beaumont Theater.The production officially opens on April 14 and runs through June 26, 2011 an impressive open ended run that continues at least through August of 2012.  Get tickets here  

Also, interestingly enough, the Steven Spielberg-directed War Horse film will open in theaters later this year on December 28. The Big Adventure is sure that War Horse is a stellar play that will get positive reviews after its move from London's West End to Broadway, but let's not loose focus here: That horse is one spectacular, insane beast galloping into action in this play. No image alone was sufficient, so click any of the pictures or view the video of the commercial spot for full effect.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New York Mets Single Game Tickets Available starting today

Ah, The Baseball Season is officially just around the corner. Today is a benchmark in opening day drawing ever nearer: Single-game tickets for all 81 New York Mets home games at Citi Filed go on sale today. 

While everyone is knee deep in their NCAA bracket and the weather still screams more Hot Soup then Hot Dog, this is a solid opportunity to pick up the harder-to-get-later tickets. Notable series include the Yankee Subway Series over 4th of July Weekend and Defending World-Series Champs San Fran Giants May3rd -5th. The Big Adventure is most looking forward to Ike Davis Bobblehead Night on July 14th because, well, we love a good bobblehead. Tickets start around $12 in the confusing but fair pricing chart.

If you're interested in that other, more-famed NYC baseball club, Yankees Single Game tickets have been available for a few weeks now and can be purchased online as well here

Friday, March 11, 2011

Strip Therapy is Quite Revealing...

Birthday-suit therapist Sarah White conducts naked therapy sessions for troubled New Yorkers Ah, these days everyone seems to have an angle. Falling firmly in "The only in New York Bin", meet Sarah White, the therapist who believes that the best way to treat your problems is for her to strip during your session. Throughout your session, she'll slowly remove various pieces of clothing while you ramble about your childhood. It's like dealing with Freud but with more nudity.

Apparently, the 24-year-old White is 100% serious. But not actually "certified" in anything.  According to a recent article "White studied psychology in college but is not a licensed professional. She also earns a living as a freelance computer programmer". Nice. The Librarian-like glasses are a nice touch, but The Big Adventure is largely unimpressed. We don't know much about psychology, but combining therapy with burlesque just doesn't seem helpful. Man, even her official website looks like it needs to have an Adult Filter: sarahwhitelive.com. 
White charges $75 for 30-40 minutes for an introductory "meet and greet." The full hour-long sessions are approximately $150, but vary somewhat based on an individual basis. She also has a "How to Talk to Girls" program, which is $99 for 45 minutes. 

Read the intriguing Daily News Article here: http://nydn.us/hqynlL

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A unique alternative to The Spider-Man Broadway -"Spidermann, A Hastily Constructed Abstract Musical"

Bummed about Broadway's beleaguered Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" shutting down production once again? Still have an insatiable desire to see theater presentation of a web-crawling super hero? The Big Adventure Suggests the Off-Off-Broadway "Spidermann, A Hastily Constructed Abstract Musical" at The Tank Theater

For some off-kilter hilarity in your NYC theater concepts, this "Spidemann"satire was devised, written, and thrown together in less than a month, at 0.0000092% the budget. The original plan was for this show to open and close two days before the bigger bug's Broadway, but a recent delay again makes this even more timely. Rather than an in-your-face parody, this tale creates a brand new mythology while still referencing the original comic book and Broadway debacle. Featuring the characters Peter Parkre, Mary Jane Taymor and Radioactive Steve Winwood...what? 

Three shows only running Sunday, March 13th and Monday March 14th for a mere $5 at The Tank Theater at 45th Street and 9th in Hell's Kitchen,  

The Tank is a great community space that allows artists of all kinds to put on show at little or no charge. Beyond this spectacular, we recommend a trip to see the best in DIY theater. More info at http://www.thetanknyc.org/theater 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fantastic New Space Shows Hayden Planetarium

Quick: What do film legends Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford have in common?

Answer:  Two new Space Shows at Hayden Planetarium! The American Museum of Natural History (The Big Adventure's favorite exhibition hall) and giant Space Dome Thing has two new fantastic shows which feature the melodic and soothing voices of narrators Tom Hanks & Harrison Ford

Ongoing Discounted tickets through Goldstar for $7.50...http://bit.ly/gISexq

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madison Square Garden...The Fourth?

Did you know that New York City is currently on its FOURTH Version of Madison Square Garden? True enough: Four Venues in four different locations throughout the city. 

The latest construction of "The World's Greatest Arena" opened in 1968, but the original was built waaaayyy back in 1879! It's a little trivia that most people don't know. The arena we have now is probably destined to remain for a long time and is currently undergoing a significant renovation. 

The MSG Co. offers a great program called "The All Access Tour for Madison Square Garden" but unfortunately they are not offering the tours while they undergo renovations through 2011.

In the meantime, brush up on all of your Madison Square Garden history at this site below: