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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Itinerary for The Salute To The W Line

Below is a fine, detailed and well spelled list of where we will be and when on Saturday, May 30th...

1:00 PMWhitehall Street Stop – Ulysses Bar – 95 Pearl Street.
We’ll begin the Big Adventure at a great downtown pub. Spacious and Historic, Ulysses is best known for their drink specials, great food and raw bar (which is great because there is nothing Brooke loves more than uncooked fish) Brave the meandering downtown corridors and walk straight up either Pearl or Stone street.

We’ll then trek through Washington Square Park for a bevy of events that may or may not be happening. Free Street Fairs, events and such are tricky like that.

3:30 PMUnion Square Stop– Max Brenner’s – 841 Broadway. Get ready to enjoy some of the finest confections in New York as prepared by the legendary “Chocolate By The Bald Man” at the Israeli chocolatier’s largest US Location.

5:00 PM 28th Street Stop – Museum of Sex – 253 Fifth Avenue at 27th Street. Current exhibits include The Sex Lives of Animals, Sex and The Moving Images, The Sex Lives of Robots (?!) and more. And….the filter for all of your work interneting just sent this whole e-mail right to your IT administration team.

7:15 PM – Broadway Stop (Astoria) – Break– 32-04

Broadway at 32nd Street (upstairs). More than just a Pool Hall, it’s a large pool hall with never ending drink specials, an excellent pub menu, cheap billiards and, of course, The Inaugural Brooke and Phil Air Hockey Tournament! No Holds Barred! Winner Takes All!

9:30 PM – Ditmars Stop – Bohemian Beer Hall Garden– 2919 24th Avenue at 29th Street. It all culminates here. Voted again and again, one of the best bars in New York City. Most of you have a great Beer Garden story. If you don’t yet, join us, grab a seat on picnic bench, a stein of Czech beer and prepare to enjoy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Update: Brooke and Phil’s W Line Big Adventure!

Great News! Thanks to the wisdom and strong leadership of the New York State Assembly, the W Subway Line has been saved! Rejoice!

Our Big Adventure will no longer be shrouded in darkness as a somber day of mourning. Instead, it will be a rousing tribute to one of our favorite Subway Lines. Better yet, it will be a day to celebrate the W Line, enjoy one-of-a-kind NYC landmarks along the route, and honor all that we were so close to losing. We’re hoping to get a city proclamation announcing the day next Saturday, but that might be a touch unlikely.

Pack your Metro Card and join us for the Big Adventure NEXT Saturday, May 30th as we Celebrate the W Line! We’ll start near the Whitehall station in downtown Manhattan and slowly work our way to the Ditmars stop at the end of the line in Astoria.

We’ll get started around 1:00 PM with events continuing into the evening. Final details with specific times, addresses and locations to come next Wednesday night right here. Tentative stops and activities include:

Whitehall Street Stop– The adventure begins. Afternoon drinks and merriment at a downtown pub/bar in or near Battery Park. We’re narrowing down the perfect place…preferably with outdoor space. Perhaps Whitehorse Tavern or A.J Kelly.

8th Street Stop– Ah, its spring which means Street Fairs. This one is the legendary Washington Square Park Street Fair. From there, we will wander north to enjoy treats at legendary chocloatier Max Brenner’s place.

28th Street Stop – We’ll then swing by the Sex Museum (225 Fifth Avenue). You know you’ve always wanted to go. And technically it is a museum, so that gives us art street cred.

Broadway (Astoria) Stop – Next up is Break (32-04 Broadway) for the 2009 Winner-Take-All Air Hockey Tournament. On the second floor with all the amenities, you can also try your hand at Billiards, various games and Ping Pong played for some reason in mosquito nets. Oh yeah, hopefully, Drink Specials as well.

Ditmars Stop – Ending (beginning?) the evening at the historic & hip Bohemian Beer Hall which always makes for a good time. Bring a deck of cards. Although the rumor is that the set up has changed a bit this year at Astoria’s Best Known Bar. If the Beer Garden comes up short, we’ll ditch for a new beer hall around the corner that is also rumored to be amazing.

Plus, the usual fanfare of surprise and personal touches that accompany every Big Adventure.

Suggestions for the day are always welcome…Hope to see you next Saturday!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Farewell To The W Line Adventure - Saturday, May 30th

Spring is here and we’re gearing up for another Big Adventure. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 30th. That’s when we will bid a fond farewell to the New York Subway “W” Line.

Soon, this nefarious Economic Down Turn and the MTA Budget Cuts will wipe out this entire route for good (along with the Z line). Since we moved to NYC, the W line has hauled us from sundry spots from downtown Manhattan to the edge of Astoria. Over the course of the afternoon and evening, we’ll ride the rails and make several fun and irreplaceable stops to pay tribute to the friendly giant W symbol. Plus, you’ll enjoy the last low fares before the insane jump in cost on June 1st.

We plan to start the day around 1:00 PM or so and work our way from Battery Park at Whitehall Station downtown and probably end at Ditmars Station in Astoria. We’ll make a few quality stops right off the line which will likely include an Afternoon Air Hockey Tournament, some one-of-a-kind food stops, definitely a visit to the Astoria Bohemian Beer Garden (oh yeah) and much more.

As with all Brooke and Phil Adventures, we promise that the day will be unique, affordable and distinctly NYC. Detailed Information forthcoming in the next two weeks, but we wanted to get it on your radar.

We hope that you’ll join us for one last trip down the W Line before it fades away for good…