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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Big Adventure is in the books!

Another Big Adventure In The Books and Completed! Our Day of Discovering Hidden Germs was a giant success! Thanks to all who came out from the Sensational St. John the Divine Cathedral Tour to NYC Trivia in the basement bar at Puck Fair and everything between....

The one thing from yesterday's Big Adventure that we cannot recommend enough is getting your backside to The Cathedral of St. John some Saturday soon and take any guided tour of this incredible, astoundingly huge NYC space.

Apparently, it is twice the size of St. Patrick's Cathedral in just about every way. The building alone measure 609 feet in length from front door to the back of the pulpit. Amazing.

Another one of the best parts of yesterday's Big Adventure was visiting the Jim Henson exhibit and the Museum of Moving Image and discovering this gem: A 1960's Muppet commercial Henson made for La Choy. It's clever, has some sardonic wit targeted at traditional advertising and just plan funny. Ahead of its time for a commercial. (We like when the dragon yells at the lady "Try It!")

See ya next Big Adventure!

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