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Monday, May 30, 2011

Announcing the next NYC Big Adventure!

Announcing the next NYC Big Adventure: The Big Adventure's Day Off coming on Thursday, July 21st! That's right. We said Thursday.

This one is for all those summer days the Big Adventure has had to sit in an office and ponder the litany of fun things that we could be doing at that moment throughout the city. And, yeah, we're borrowing some ideas for a popular 80's film

We've got it up on the Event Page and the day is coming together faster than a 1961 Ferrari GT can scream down a Chicago Highway, but more details coming in the next few weeks.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Best Outdoor Drinking in New York City? In Spring, it is definitely the famed Astoria Beer Garden

Well, The NY Daily News hit the nail on the head when they published  this review early this week. Just in time for Spring, The Big Adventure definitely agrees that Astoria's original Beer Garden has the best outdoor drinking in NYC.

The perfect day involves taking the N Train to the Astoria Blvd Stop and following the foot traffic to the 24th Avenue destinations that is as filled with history as it is with spiffy looking glassware. Show up early to claim your spot on the picnic table and  to beat the crowds. Make sure to bring some cards or a game (Connect 4 will always make you some new friends) and enjoy some pitchers of fine Czech Beer on a warm afternoon. Full pitchers run in the neighborhood of $15 or so. However, if you're not so much into beer in general this might not be the place for you (beware the sneers from the bartenders inside when you order your Vodka Stoli). There is true and affordable bohemian food on the grill and always an easy going vibe. Live music often help to compliment the scene as well.

Great for large groups (if you can find space) as well as a small tight crew as well. If things get too crazy, hop across the street to the dimly lit Sparrow bar. In a city where outdoor space is as valuable as gold, The Bohemian Beer Garden manages to constantly be a hip destination without even trying. 

Read the Daily News review of The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden (as well as a couple of other outdoor bar hot spots) right here

Opens at Noon on Weekends, 5:00 PM During the Week
24th Avenue and 29th Street
Astoria, NY

Monday, May 2, 2011

As promised, photos from our Inaugural Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition

A gallery from the Side Walk Chalk pieces made by the talented Salvador Dalis of the Sidewalk during the Spring Big Adventure on Saturday, April 30th. See the art! View the winner! Envy their innate and learned chalk talent! Commission one of the teams to complete your family portrait...in chalk! 

Just wanted to share a few of the best, but you can see all Photos here:  Photos from Our Facebook Page

Because people love Sidewalk Chalk Art...

Thanks again to all who joined us for Saturday's Big Adventure! Later today, we'll post some pristine gallery shots from Saturday's Inaugural Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition at Riverside Park. We’ll also salute and showcase the Top Three Wining installations of chalk ark from our competition.  In the name of fine art, we should let you know that the medium for this creation was “Chalk on Pavement.”

As of late Sunday afternoon, we saw that the Sidewalk Chalk Art is still intact hanging out on the ground just next to Sailors and Solider Monument on the West Side. Furthermore, after we left our art supplies behind for the people, others took up chalk, took the art to the next step by adding splashes of color and additional drawings to the promenade. In short, adding their own foot print with new spring chalk art work. Very cool.

We also plan to show off some bonus shots of the Award Winning Trophy in Action. We learned a valuable lesson on Saturday: Bringing a somewhat unnecessarily ornate two-foot trophy along with you and placing it on the bar is a sensational conversation starter in any situation. And we learned, that yes, eventually people will want to drink directly from the trophy. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Big Adventure is in the books!

Huzzah! We have survived yet another NYC Big Adventure!

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday and helped make the Spring Big Adventure one of our best yet. From what we can remember (we went pretty late into the night and started pretty earlier in the day), yesterday was the epitome of exploring and enjoying NYC. We're pretty sure that we've now given Spring the official kick off required. 

As per usual, this Big Adventure was one hell of an exciting, exhausting and enjoyable day.  The consensus is that High Line Park might have been the biggest highlight of the day followed closely by drinks at The Heights Bar and Grill  (Special thanks to Nick for the $4 Margaritas.)

We hope to have some photos from the day up in the next couple of days, but for now we're just going to kick back and relax. Aaaahhhhhh. Okay, we're going back to bed....Look for more information soon on our NEXT Big Adventure coming to a borough near you this summer.