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Monday, October 24, 2011

New York City Musical Trivia- Part The Fifth

New York City Trivia - Questions about The Big Apple's Hidden Gems - Part V

On our recent New York City Hidden Germs Big Adventure, we took over the basement bar area of Puck Fair in SoHo, divided into teams and challenged our noggin with some quality trivia about all things hidden in NYC. We wanted to bring the quiz questions to the web and see how well you can handle these stumpers. The Big Adventure brings you five of our questions from our NYC Trivia dosed out in six easy installments. Today, we're focusing on some great Musical Trivia. Scroll down for link to answers.

6.  Former Soul Coughing Lead Singer Mike Doughty once sang that he was thankful lord for sending him what specific train?

7.  Two Very Different Artists, Two Similar Song Names: Who Sings New York State of Mind and Who Sings Empire State of Mind?

8. Name any Five of The Top 10 Longest Running Musicals on Broadway?

9.  While studying at Barnard College, Suzanne Vega wrote a song (that would eventually become her biggest hit single) about what location?

10. Which iconic guitar pioneer was playing weekly shows at Iridum Jazz Club into his 90s up until he passed away in 2009?

Final set of questions coming tomorrow!  

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