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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Best Bathrooms in New York City

"Trust me, this is the best bathroom in midtown! On the left--exquisite marble! High ceilings. An' a flush, like a jet engine!"  -George Costanza 

Ah, sure there are hundreds of lists of restaurants, parks, attractions and more, but when was the list time someone took the time to focus on what was important: The place you most want to go when nature calls. 

Yelp.com has devoted an entire section to inside..ahem...streaming reports on the best spots to take care of business. See the link below, but here are the Top Ten facilities for a big flush in the Big Apple:
  1. Bar 89
  2. Inakaya 
  3. Morimoto
  4. Peep
  5. Foley's - Not one to quote someone's personal review, but this was too good not to share: "The urinals are from the old Waldorf, before it moved. They're enormous, and you feel like you're in some sort of pod while you're peeing."

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