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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reminder and Final Itinerary: Brooke and Phil’s International Big Adventure.

We're just a couple days away from The International Big Adventure.Feel free to join us anywhere along the way this Saturday, December 5th!

If you’re planning on joining us, note that the times have changed a bit and there is one major revision in the set up below. Be aware all ye who plan to travel internationally with us!

Lederhosen Restaurant – (Germany) 2:30 PM -39 Grove Street Near 7th Ave & Christopher St. - West Village. The only combination of Bavarian murals and indoor picnic tables in NYC.

Wang Chen's Table Tennis Club – (China) 5:00 PM ­-250 W 100th Street Near Broadway on the Upper West Side. Due to sundry issues. Spain and Fencing are tagging out but Ping Pong and China are tagging in. Olympic Medalist Wang Chen (truly!) and others who take Table Tennis vvvveeerry seriously are serving up private coaching for us and will then set us loose on their tournament tables. Feel free to come armed with your best “Everyone Wang Chen Tonight” joke.

Pinetree Lodge--(Canada) 7:00 PM -326 E 35th St - Between 1st Ave & Tunnel Entrance St – Murray Hill. This place could only be more Canadian if it was called the “Hoser Hut”. Note that there are seriously two Pinetree Lodges in the same neighborhood, so beware.

Fáilte Irish Whiskey Bar-- (Ireland) 9:00 PM - 531 2nd Ave- Between 29th St & 30th St – Murray Hill. If we don’t see someone dancing a jig or doing a terrible Irish impression, we’ll be a bit sad.

KGB Bar --(Russia) 11:00 PM 85 E 4th St – Near 2nd Ave. –Lower East Side. From Russia with love, this bar knows that with a little vodka, anyone can pronounce “Dostoyevsky” correctly

Won Jo Korean BBQ --(Korean) Late Night - 23 W 32nd Street between 5th and 6th in (where else?) Korea Town. Delicious BBQ prepared right at the table. We’ve reserved the tables with the window view of 32nd street. A great way to end the night.

As always, the only gear you’ll need is an NYC Metro Card and your drinking shoes. The day is set up to be as inexpensive or as lavish as you want it to be.

While we strive to stay on schedule, the timing on most of these stops is approximate. If you need to find us anytime during the day or see where we may be along the way, reach out to the cell phones.

Hope to see ya Saturday...so we can fill your passport with stamps from around the globe!