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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hidden New York City Trivia - Part 2!

New York City Trivia - Questions about The Big Apple's Hidden Gems - Part II

On our recent New York City Hidden Germs Big Adventure, we took over the basement bar area of Puck Fair in SoHo, divided into teams and challenged our noggin with some quality trivia about all things hidden in NYC. We wanted to bring the quiz questions to the web and see how well you can handle these stumpers. Each day, The Big Adventure bring you five of our questions from our NYC Trivia in six easy installments. Scroll down for link to answers.

6.    There are two identical statues in New York City who were originally named Leo Astor and Leo Lenox, after the founders of the institution whose entrance they flank.  They have since been renamed Patience and Fortitude.  Where can these statues be found? 

7.    What part of New York City was originally called “Longacre Square”?
8.    There is a 2.5 acre section of Central Park known as Strawberry Fields.  If you view the area from above, you’ll notice that the landscape architect designed the tribute in a specific shape appropriate to this memorial for John Lennon.  What shape is it?  

9.    What famous building, with such former residents as Babe Ruth, was the home of the Continental Baths in the 1970’s—the most swinging gay bathhouse in the city, and the place where Bette Midler and Barry Manilow got their start with their hit show?  

10.    According to the American Civil Society of Engineers, what NYC icon is considered one of the 7 wonders of the modern world? 

**Bonus:  At the top of this building, there was a mooring mass built to house a specific type of vehicle.  What type of vehicle was it?  
Round III of questions coming tomorrow!

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