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Friday, October 28, 2011

Free in NYC Today- Statue of Liberty celebrates its 125th birthday

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Statue of Liberty celebrates its 125th birthday

If there was ever a day to take the 1 Train all the way to the terminus at South Ferry and head out to Liberty Island (nee Bedloe's Island until around 1956) today is that day. The Statue of Liberty is celebrating 125 years since it was dedicated under Grover Cleveland’s presidency way back in 1886. And if there is one thing Lady Liberty knows how to do, it’s throw a good party.

The Statue of Liberty (whose official name is the "Liberty Enlightening the World”) has a full day of events planned worth checking out.

At 8:45 AM, you can officially welcome 125 people from more than 40 countries as official Americans as they take part in a Naturalization Ceremony. Nifty. 10:00 AM brings the main ceremony, which will feature a reading by Sigourney Weaver of Emma Lazarus' famous poem "The New Colossus".  In addition, a flotilla of boats are expected to pass the island.

To cap it all off, because you don’t get much more American than Fireworks, 8:00 PM brings Macy's Fireworks Grand Finale. (Man, what does Macy’s NOT sponsor when it comes to city-wide spectacles in this city?) Two barges will launch a 12-minute pyrotechnic display synchronized to patriotic music and an original song.

Bonus: The exciting much ballyhooed Statue of Liberty Torch Cams will go live today at noon with spectacular and unique views.

Plus, the history of the statue over the last century and beyond is remarkable. From the construction to dedication to rehabilitation to visitors. It is worth taking the time to re-visit one of the great icons that sits in New York harbor every day. Go now, because the often ignored museum in the base of the pedestal is going to be closed for up to a year for renovation starting Saturday.
When: All day today, October 28th
Where: Liberty Island
Cost: Free 
Category: Events, National Parks, Dedications, Public Celebrations, Liberty
Good For: Groups, Kids, Outdoor Activity, sight seeing
More Details: http://www.thestatueofliberty.com, www.ellisisland.org

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  1. A very happy birthday to the dear green lady - this landmark is wonderful to behold and I cherish the memory of my visit very much. An atmosphere of peace prevails around the place at all times and one can witness happy smiling faces thronging the place..