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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Free in NYC Today - Two Halloween Desserts You Must Try

Every day, we post a one minute guide to one great thing happening today in New York City. We list doings that are inexpensive or completely free, social and 100% unique to New York. Designed for the curious local or savvy tourist, we aim to expose the eccentric and obvious all over NYC. Check back every morning to crack open a new nutshell

Two Halloween Desserts You Must Try
Trouble getting in the All Hallows Eve Spirit with a freak October Snowstorm? Wondering if you should just skip this particular holiday all together and get the snow boots set for a long winter? We say Poppycock! All you need is the right, delicious treat to re-engage your love for Halloween. Here are two must try treats from some always-amazing confectioneries. Custom made for the season, they won’t be around long:

The Haunted Halloween Sundae at Dylan’s Candy Bar Dylan’s is an ever-expanding Upper East Side dream made of candy, sweets and treats. Items that you loved as a child and items you’ve never heard of (or thought possible). Once you’re done perusing the pre-packaged goods, visit the cafĂ© on the third floor today and wrap your hands around the Haunted Halloween Sunday. What’s in it? Pumpkin Ice Cream, Caramel mixed with Candy Corn, Hot Fudge, Peanut Butter Cups, Whipped Cream, and Chopped Peanuts. Don’t forget the cherry on top. Oh yeah. 

The Cookies ‘n Scream Sundae at Serendipity 3 Just around the corner from Dylan’s, Serendipity is perennially known for Frozen Hot Chocolate, Sundaes, that adorable John Cusack movie and, yeah, long waits.  It’s still worth it to get your hands on the Cookies ‘n Scream Sundae. This dessert is as much visual spectacle as it is deliciousness. The vanilla ice cream and fudge Sundae is loaded with horror-themed extras: blood-red Raspberry Sauce? Gummy Earthworms? Crazy Legs Skeleton Lollipops? Kudos to the demented chef who comes up with these ingredients. ($19, 10% goes to the Wildlife Conservatory Fund)

When: Now through (at least) Monday night, 10/31
Where: Both shops are within blocks of each other- Dylan’s is located at 1011 3rd at 60th Street & Serendipity is at 225 East 60th between 2nd and 3rd.
Category: Halloween, Desserts, Treats, Upper East Side
Good For: Groups, Kids, Walking Tours, Foodies, People who like deliciousness
More Detailshttp://www.dylanscandybar.com/

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