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Saturday, January 14, 2012

El Sammy Sosa Deli - Things you find in the Bronx

Recently The Big Adventure found ourselves at the intersection of 187th and 3rd avenue in the Bronx. It was here we stumbled across a local bodega with a truly head scratching name: El Sammy Sosa Deli Grocery. 

This storefront was perplexing for a number of reasons. For starters, you don’t see many NYC delis named after baseball players. Much less one who played for Chicago for most of his career. Much much less a player who is the poster child for the steroid controversy.

Second, the awning and marquee on the deli (which feature Sammy in signature swing and pointer-finger-to-God-thanking-pose) appear to be brand new. Puzzling since Sammy Sosa hasn’t hit a single home run since 2005 and hasn’t been a star player in over a decade.

Our best guess is that since the bodega is smack dab in a Dominican neighborhood, the store might be paying homage to one of MLB’s "Greatest Dominican players". However, pretty sure that Albert Pujols Deli or Jose Reyes Grocery has a better ring to it.

We didn’t actually go in and ask about the name which, a week later, is kind of driving us nuts. Right now, our biggest mystery in the Big Apple is why the owners chose the name El Sammy Sosa Deli. 

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