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Friday, June 22, 2012

The NYC Subway Museum - A set location for our "Greatest Hits" NYC Big Adventure on June 30th!

While we are not quite ready to share complete final agenda for our “Big Adventure’s Greatest Hits” day on Saturday, June 30th (Soon! We promise!), we do have a stop or two all lined up. For example, you can bet your last MetroCard Swipe that we’ll be making a return visit in the afternoon to the New York City Transit Museum known better as The Subway Museum!

We first visited the museum in Brooklyn way back on our 24-Hour Big Adventure, it quickly became one of the more-talked about highlights of the day. Housed on two-levels in a decommissioned station, the Subway Museum is one of our favorites. It ranks among the most interactive and captivating museums in the city. With admission setting you back only seven clams and housing a pristine collection of old Subway Cars that you can walk in and out of, this place qualifies as a “can’t miss.” So, we’re not going to miss it.  

It’s also the perfect place for us to pick up those Subway Token Cuff Links that our wardrobe has been missing. Here is some info we posted a while back on why we consider this, hands down, the most underrated museum in New York City. 


The Met? MoMa? The Guggenheim? They’ve got nothing on The Subway Museum.

Housed in a 1936 decommissioned, but still operational, subway station in downtown Brooklyn, the New York Transit Museum is perfect for visitors of all ages. Upon shelling out the nominal entrance fee of $7, you can enjoy the permanent collection and temporary exhibits all dedicated to the buses, roads, bridges and, of course, the 106-year-old Subway System. We personally love the collection of turnstiles through the years (man, those things used to be easy to jump) and old subway tokens.

By far the best part is the Subway cars from the last century that live on two working subway tracks on the lower level. You can meander through every car; each reflects a different era and each is in immaculate condition. To complete the experience, the cars even have print ads and subway maps relevant to the years the car ran. For as much time as most New Yorkers spend on our respective subway lines, this place is a must visit.

Located at the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn Heights (below ground)


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