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Monday, April 25, 2011

More From The Big Adventure Mailbag

Since this post on the letters was so well received when we did this a little bit ago, The Big Adventure thought we would have another go. 

From time to time, we're lucky enough to get the wayward e-mail from people who stumble across our blog. So, while were not the foremost authority on anything, we thought we could pass on some insights. To that end, here is another sample of our answers on various New York City Big Adventure doings and happenings.

Short notice, but my anniversary is tomorrow night. I know all of the familiar tried and true standards, but I'm looking for the perfect place. Someplace that has a warm ambiance, good food, drinks and space  for just the two of us to celebrate.    -Melissa T., Brooklyn, NY

Romance? Ah, under the right conditions, thy name be New York City! We suggest a trip to Manhattan's East Side where you can start with small plates and recommended vintages from the Sofia Wine Bar at  242 East 50th Street near 2nd Avenue. Great ambiance, delicious (if not small) menu and a friendly, engaging staff. Intimate and affordable.

But save your sheckles for a drink that's both a bit more expensive but a lot more tasty on the 26th floor at the Top of The Tower high atop the Beekman Hotel one avenue block away from Sofia on the corner on 50th Street and 1st Avenue. Old style NYC Charm meets unheralded views of the East Side, Queen and Brooklyn. "Hey, is that our house over there? I think it is!” While sipping on custom cocktails, you are as likely to see a couple celebrating their engagement as a group celebrating a 100th birthday. And the views speak for themselves 

Need another suggestion? Try dinner and drinks at the relatively new restaurant  PRINT. Located on the exact other side of the island at 47th street and 11th Avenue in the Ink48 Hotel. This is NEW School NYC and also has rooftop longue and amazing view (and trendy club people instead of old money.) Both are winners. Enjoy longingly staring into your partner's eyes wherever you end up. Happy anniversary!

If you have a question, feel free to e-mail Info@NYCBigAdventure

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