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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From The Big Adventure Mail Bag

The Big Adventure feels lucky enough to get the occasional e-mail from the occasional reader. Not only are we happy to share our meager insights on NYC, it also helps to validate that ither people visit our site beyond those who just Google "No Pants Subway Ride"

So, we thought that with their permission we'd start passing on some of their questions and our answers on various New York City Big Adventure doings and happenings.

My dad wants to see a Mets game when (my parents) visit in June.  Do I need to get tickets now or can I wait until day of?  I know with Yankees tix I need to get them in advance but I was hoping to wait and make a weather-dependent decision.    -Kris G, Covington, KY

Ah, Spring is here and the Baseball season is officially upon us. And while the Yankees offered five dollar tickets this week, that other baseball squad based in Flushing, Queens kicks off their home opener on Friday. In the last few years, a chasm has certainly opened between the attendance and corresponding ticket availability between the Yankees and Mets. In fact, the Bronx Bombers had over 1.2 Million more fans at their games last year than the Mets. A title run by the Yankees combined with a play-off drought by the Mets hasn't helped.

Kris, you can definitely wait to get tickets. We hate to say it since we think Ciit Field is a sensational place to watch baseball, but the Mets are truly second tier to the Yankees in terms of tickets. In fact, the Mets organization even dropped prices this year. The Big Adventure recommends securing them off Craig's List for cheap three days or less in advance. Check the date though, if they are playing a quality opponent like the Yankees, Dodgers, Giants or Phillies, tickets might be a little harder. Otherwise, you can wait.  

If you have a question, feel free to e-mail BrookeandPhilsBigAdventure@gmail.com 

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