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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Big Adventure recommends the Lexington Candy Shop

The Big Adventure recommends the Lexington Candy Shop on The Upper East Side. A Soda Counter/Luncheonette that revels in its authenticity. Complete with an old school feel like you're stepping a bit through time when you enter, but it's as legit as it is delicious. Especially when it comes to their homemade Sodas, Malts, Shakes, Egg Creams, Root beer Floats and Egg Creams (whew).

Nothing forced and (likely) nothing changed since 1950. Quality short-order menu that does the job. Nostalgia run deeps and the diner is a movie scout's dream. Enjoy the Old Times Coke Bottle Display in the window and try the homemade Egg Creams and homemade Vanilla Coke. 

The Lexington Candy Shop can be found at 1226 83rd Street near Lexington Avenue (also found on the corner of Deliciousness and Brunch)

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