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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Radio City Music Hall- the movie theater built for 5,500

Some Big Apple tidbits for you during this time of year of Cinematic Buzz and Oscar Talk:

NYC is home to the largest movie theater in the world: Radio City Music Hall. Radio City opened in Rockefeller Center almost 80 years ago in December, 1932. Originally the theater had 5,945 seats and focused solely on First Run feature film. We’re sure that the company that makes Junior Mints was friggin' ecstatic. Designed to showcase both a mix of films and a various live stage shows, this format kept up for nearly 45 years before the theater moves to strictly live shows (including the hugely popular and overall ginormous Radio City Christmas Spectacular)

Some Radio City Music Hall Trivia for you: Last film screened at this palatial midtown theater? Caravans starring Anthony Quinn in 1978. The first film screened? The Bitter Tea of General Yen directed by Frank Capra. A...true...classic? Hardly. The movie was scheduled to run for two-weeks, but the theater yanked it after eight days.

For all things Radio City, we love the history feature on the official site:

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