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Friday, November 25, 2011

NYC Shorewalkers 2011 Walk Of The Turkey

Walk off all that turkey with NYC's Shorewalkers

Feeling a little rotund around the middle after yesterday's feast of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie, Rolls, etc, etc? The always great non-profit group Shorewalkers hosts its annual "Walk Off The Turkey" Event this weekend on Saturday, November 26th starting nice and early at 10:00 AM. The WOTT event is special three times over as its a wonderful way to see a new part of the city, get some solid exercise and make some new friends while just enjoying a nice walk.Have family or friends in town and looking for a low key but active doings? This is your event for tomorrow!

Shore Walkers has been a part of the NYC walking culture for almost thirty years and the WOTT their signature annual events. We particularly enjoy the group's inspiring Mission Statement which pretty much sums it all up: "Seeing The World at 3 Miles Per Hour -To improve your health and stamina, to have fun on your feet while enjoying great walks... to explore and learn about the Hudson estuary and other shore areas, and to meet interesting people"

The Walk Of The Turkey begins at 10:00 AM at the Staten Island Ferry and continues along the Hudson all the way up Manhattan. Admittedly, the 12 miles trek may be a bit ambitious for some but the journey is almost all on level ground and the reward of stumbling across the Little Red Lighthouse at the foot of the George Washington Bridge (as well as other landmarks along the way) is well worth it. The walk takes approximately five ours. Bring some lunch, don't forget the water and prepare to make some new friends. This is a social, late-Autumnal riverside stroll after all. The walk is 100% free.

If your feet aren't feeling it tomorrow, Shore Walkers has walks through the city including a half-dozen more over weekends through the end of the year including "The Great Saunter". Most vary between four and thirty-two (!) miles in length as they explore virtually every path in the city.  So, lace up the Adidas, kiss the stuffing adios and enjoy a slow-paced walk!

More info:  212-330-7686 

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