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Monday, November 28, 2011

Live Rock and Roll Karoke at Arlene's Grocery - Today in NYC

Every day, we post a one minute guide to one great thing happening today in New York City. We list doings that are inexpensive or completely free, social and 100% unique to New York. Designed for the curious local or savvy tourist, we aim to expose the eccentric and obvious all over NYC. Check back every morning to crack open a new nutshell

Rock and Roll Karoke at Arlene's Grocery

Every Monday at 10:00 PM, a Karoke event like none other descends on the Lower East Side at Concert Venue Arlene's Grocery. You slip down the stairs, past the bar and into the back room and gaze upon tight leather pants while hearing screaming vocals. Enter: Live Rock and Roll Karoke!

Part rock show, part traditional Karoke, this event can be summed up in two simple words: Kick Ass. Wanna be and sometimes actual Rock Stars pick from an impressively large variety of songs and share the stage with a live band who plows through the songs like they were catering to an arena of screaming groupies. Get their early to choose your song and make sure that you follow the 10 Commandments of Rock and Roll Karoke ("Thou shall keep The Black Sabbath holy"). Never pretentious, 100% fun and the high-energy charismatic host doubles as a back up lead singer to help you out when the band gets two steps ahead of you. The small but supportive mighty crowd is always eager to cheer as those who take the stage are to sing.

Not your typical bar Karoke, you'll find a real mix of talent. Pretty sure that I saw the lead singer from Dokken bust out a tune from Motorhead last time I was there. Also saw a Sweedish man who was celebrating a birthday do an interesting rendition of Hells Bells. Arlene's Grocery (in typical Manhattan concern venue naming fashion, not a grocery store, no one named Arlene) hosts this event every Monday at 10:00 PM and Friday at Midnight. There is no cover for the Monday affair.

Time: Mondays at 10:00 PM, Fridays at Midnight
Cost: Free on Mondays, $10 on Fridays
Where: Arlene's Grocery -95 Stanton Street at Orchard
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