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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Neil Diamond Free Concert At Rockefeller Center Today

Every day, we post a one minute guide to one great thing happening today in New York City. We list doings that are inexpensive or completely free, social and 100% unique to New York. Designed for the curious local or savvy tourist, we aim to expose the eccentric and obvious all over NYC. Check back every morning to crack open a new nutshell

Free Neil Diamond Concert Today in NYC

Tomorrow night, the heart of Midtown will come alive with the annual Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. The event is free, extraordinaire, a touch magical and all kinds of crazy crowded. We're talking bodies packed all the way down to 48th street. Our advice? Watch it on TV tomorrow and show up tonight for the Free Neil Diamond Concert. 

One of the nifty secrets about a big TV event like the Tree Lightning is that in order to accommodate all of the performances, some must be taped in advance. Enter Neil Diamond. The Cracklin' Rose singer will tape his portion of the show tonight at Rockefeller center. The Big Adventure is a big fan of ole Neil.  Cheese factor aside, he is the consummate performer.  Endless hits, constant smile, and million dollar hair.

So, you can get down to Midtown, see the show for free, enjoy the (unlit) tree and Holiday magic all in a much more sane setting and a day ahead of everyone else.  Sweet Caroline Indeed! Show starts at an early 5:30 PM. You can grab free tickets through Iota, a great service that helps to fill up audiences for televised events at no cost to the fans. Make sure you're there to belt out the high notes from "America"'

Time: Today, Tuesday, November 29th, 5:30 PM
Cost: Free but must get tickets in advance
Where:Rockefeller Center near 50th Street and 6th Ave
Category: Live Music, Christmas, Midtown, Concerts

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