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Thursday, August 11, 2011

New York City's next Big Food Craze? We Predict: Waffles!

Behold! This is the first in what The Big Adventure is predicting to be the next trend in New York foodstuffs. After giant cupcakes, meatballs stores and signature hamburgers have descended on the city we present::Waffles

What's not to love? An entire versatile category that fits the mold of food for the New Yorkers on the go. Breakfast, Lunch and Dessert Food options that are limited only by imaginations (and types of syrup and fruit). Truck pioneer Wafels and Dinges is taking their act to the great lawn in Central Park soon. And one of the most compelling restaurants we've visited outside of NYC in the last year was a waffle joint with lines out the door.

Can a late night storefront, cleverly named location on the LES be far behind? Or a themed restaurant presented by Danny Meyer opening just outside of Union Square?

Track down Wafels and Dingels on the go as they continue to generate the hype and delicious waffles: http://www.wafelsanddinges.com/.  Hey, they even have a clever blog.

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