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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 2011 New York City Hurricane Evacuation Map

As the big, bad Hurricane Irene comes closer to New York City this weekend, we thought we would post a copy of the NYC Hurricane Evacuation Zone Map. Zone 1 = most danger, but you gotta keep an eye out if you are in Zone 2 or Zone 3. (Click the image for full size)  

(Update: We've been told it's actually Zone A, Zone B and Zone C, but semantics aside, you get the general idea)

Find the Interactive Map (to pinpoint our area) here: http://project.wnyc.org/news-maps/hurricane-zones/hurricane-zones.html

For the most update information visit NYC.gov and MTA.info. As of right now, the MTA is planning on closing the entire system (!) if forecasts call for 39+ MPH wind speeds. We're hoping that Irene swings away at the last minute, but we may be looking at the first Hurricane in NYC in 25 years and tons of rain. 

Man, first an earthquake and now this mess. Never a dull moment in The Big Apple...

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