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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bryant Park Moviegoers Unite!

 We stumbled across this great article in the New York Times on the  HBO  Bryant Park Summer Film Festival and we're slapping ourselves for not mentioning this-near-after-work-summer-institution-sooner. 

The screenings on the giant lawn have a way of taking Midtown by storm for almost 20 years now each and every Monday Night during the summer. Not to be confused with simply viewing a film outside, each week brings an entire, communal, packed experience to Bryant Park - no matter what the movie is that week. Like many things in New York that are popular, free and fun - it can get crowded:

The Big Adventure recommends getting your best lawn blanked and catching one of the two remaining screenings tonight (High Sierra) or next Monday (Dirty Hairy)...but show up early to makes sure you can get a space. And be prepared to do the dance.

Film Festival Hotline: 212-512-5700

No chairs, tables, dogs, plastic sheets, tarps, bags, or pads are permitted on the lawn.

The gravel area surrounding the Lawn opens at 4:00pm. The Lawn opens at 5:00pm. Find a fast friend and be prepared to SPRINT for a spot! Then enjoy a picnic till the film starts. That's good living.

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