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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Empire State Building Run Up 2011

This morning as is done every early February, several dedicated runners took part in the 34th Annual Empire State Building Run-Up Powered by MMRF. Short of the NYC Marathon, this our favorite, most grueling race in the city. 

A hefty sprint up nearly each and everyone of the 1,576 steps (!!) in the East Coast's tallest building takes the runners up to the 86th floor. That's a quarter mile....straight up. The Craziest Part? The record is 9:30 minutes. The Australian Paul Crake is the only person to complete the course in  under ten minutes. Who comes up with this stuff? Writing about this has just made the Big Adventure tired...
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Official Road Runner Site on ESB Run Up 
Update: So, another annual race comes to an end with tired legs and accomplished participants. Over 425 dedicated runners hit the stairs released in heats to ease congestion in the narrow stairwell. The winner? Thomas Dold- a 26 year-old German who tackled the ESB in Ten Minutes and Ten Seconds. His 6th time winning this challenge. Wow. For Empire State Building Run Up 2011 Photos and Images, see below. Former baseball star Darryl Strawberry was going to hit the stair for charity, but was a late scratch from the race after falling ill. Apparently, some ridiculous fool made the run while wearing a King Kong costume.Ahh...get it?

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