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NYC Music Trivia - Answers to Part 6

 Answers to New York City Trivia - Questions about The Big Apple's Hidden Musical Gems - The Last Chapter!

11. Who currently holds the all-time record for greatest number of appearances at Madison Square Garden with 62 shows (Hint: the 60th occurring on his 60th birthday, 2007)? 

A: Elton John

12.  New York natives Michael Diamond, Adam Yauch, and Adam Horowitz are members of what? 

A: Beastie Boys

13. Finish this line from the song - From the famous 1949 musical “On The Town”: “New York, New York – it’s a helluva town….”

A: “The Bronx is up and the battery is down”

14. What groundbreaking jazz musician’s is the club Birdland named after?

A: Charlie Parker

15. Who has performed the most on Saturday Night Live with a total of 9 Musical Guest Appearances?

A: Paul Simon

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