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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Shark Bites versus...New York City Bites?!

There are few things we love more than absurd and unusual prices of trivia about New York City. We've seen some astounding facts…but this is one for the books:

In any given year, New Yorkers bite TEN times more people than sharks do worldwide.

Fascinating, right? And we're not just pulling this number out of our keister. We've come with the data and facts! The Big Adventure is nothing if not thorough.

A very precise report listed 140 instances of Shark attacks on humans in 2019 according to the University of Florida's delightful sounding International Shark Attack File.

Not a tiny number, but statistics provided by the New York City Health Department annual report showed a WHOPPING 1,587 "Human to Human" bites reported in The Big Apple! Also, If you're keeping track of such things, the same report indicated three "skunk to human" bites in the same year.

Its hard to say how we feel about all this…but we guess it's good news for Sharks and Shark related PR but bad news for New Yorkers. 

And really bad news for those who go to beaches that are IN New York City and also have sharks in the surrounding water.

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