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Friday, March 6, 2015

Testing your New York City knowledge!

Sure, you've mastered complicated Subway transfer at 59th street and you know the best Happy Hour specials from Midtown to the Bowery, but how well do you really know NYC? Here are three basic trivia questions about New York City. Any proud true resident should go three for three. After all, these are elements of the city that you likely see every day. Good luck!

1. Can you pick out the official New York City flag?

Only one of the flags below reflects the current design implemented in 1977.

 (There are also flags for each of the five boroughs, but we've left them out of our examples just to make it easier)

2. What is the official New York State motto?

A) Freedom and Unity!B) Excelsior(Latin for "Ever upward!")
C) Wisdom, justice, and moderationD) Labor Omnia Vincit (Latin for "Hard work conquers all things!)

3. What is the State Fruit of  New York?

A) Pumpkin B) Avocado
C) Wild Blueberry D) The Apple

How did you do? Fret not: Answers will be revealed on Friday!

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