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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Outdoor Drinking in New York City? This Spring, it is definitely the famed Astoria Beer Garden

It’s a wonderful time of year in New York City. Memorial Day is just around the corner. Beautiful, warm weather awaits. And it seems in the last year that the number of places to drink outside has doubled. With several new openings in Midtown and classic staples dotting the city, one has endless options in which to soak up some rays whilst enjoying a cold drink.

Some of the more notable locales include Rare Bar and Grill rooftop’s location on 38th, the high-end biergarten and rooftop bars at the Standard Hotel,  the always chill Heights Bar  in Washington Heights. We also mourn the loss of Mé Bar in K-Town that was replaced by the VU Bar.

But what is the best place to drink outside in NYC? After almost one hundred years, the Big Adventure strongly believes that title still belongs to Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden – Astoria’s original beer garden.   The NY Daily News hit the nail on the head when they published  this review .

The perfect day involves taking the N Train to the Astoria Blvd Stop and following the foot traffic to the 24th Avenue destinations that is as filled with history as it is with spiffy looking glassware. Show up early to claim your spot on the picnic table – you’ll want to beat the crowds. If you’ve got the space in your bag, make sure to bring some cards or a game (Connect 4 will always make you some new friends) and enjoy some pitchers of fine Czech Beer on a warm afternoon.

Full pitchers run in the neighborhood of $15 or so. However, if you're not so much into beer in general this might not be the place for you (beware the sneers from the bartenders inside when you order your double Vodka Stoli). There is legit, affordable bohemian food on the grill and always an easy going vibe. Live music is often on hand which really helps compliment the scene.

Great for large groups (if you can find space) as well as a small tight crew.  If things get too crazy, hop across the street to the dimly lit Sparrow Tavern. In a city where outdoor space is as valuable as gold, The Bohemian Beer Garden manages to constantly be a hip destination without even trying. 

Read the Daily News review of The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden (as well as a couple of other outdoor bar hot spots) right here

Opens at Noon on Weekends, 5:00 PM During the Week
24th Avenue and 29th Street
Astoria, NY

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