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Friday, March 9, 2012

The New York Beer Company - Another NYC Big Adventure Stop

As we inch closer and closer to tomorrow’s March Madness NYC Big Adventure (kicking off in less than 24 hours!) we’re looking forward to the last piece of our deranged, mental jigsaw puzzle. Our last (scheduled) stop of the day: The New York Beer Company.
We’re thrilled to be visiting this off-the-rocker locale for several reasons. First, since it is a brand spanking new (they are hosting an Opening Night party this evening), it still has that new bar smell and is ready to impress.  Second, the astounding variety of beers will delight and surprise. Stocking everything from our beloved Blue Point Toasted to the esoteric Empire Cream Ale and 80 more in between. Third: Taps at the table. Pour your own beer with a built in tap right at your finger tips. 

What makes this bar truly one-of-a-kind to NYC is the "Exchange" print pricing that fluctuates as certain beers are ordered, The ever changing suds price is reflected on screens through the bar. This article explains in detail. It's just like the Stock Exchange but with less suits and just a bit more alcohol. Just as much yelling.

Located on 44th Street near 9th avenue, with one foot in Hell's Kitchen and one foot in the Time's Square are, this bar is unique and the perfect way to end our crazed day. In fact, 44th street between 8th and 9th is loaded with intriguing bars such as the hidden-Tiki-hot-spot Reunion and enticing dive Bull Moose Saloon. In fact, we could probably make a pretty stellar day out of places on 44th street alone! The 44th Street Big Adventure! Start on the East Side at The United Nations and make our way west. Hmmm….an idea for a future day. 

New York Beer Company -11:30 PM  -321 W 44th St http://www.nybeercompany.com/ -212-245-BEER (2337)

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