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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Complete itinerary for NYC March Madness Big Adventure on Saturday, March 10th

Since we’re just a few days out from our NYC March Madness Big Adventure next Saturday, we wanted to send out the complete itinerary for our day. We will be spending Saturday, March 10th exploring the best of the crazy underbelly and things March Basketball throughout New York City. The Big Apple has never been short on madness, so planning this particular Big Adventure was easy. Our stops will all include a touch of Madness or March Basketball, or both. Whatever your pleasure, we have something tailored to you. 

We’ll be visiting well-known watering holes, tucked-away Irish Pubs, one of our favorite lesser known museums and, hands down, the best sports bar in Manhattan. We’ll be hosting the inaugural Big Adventure Hoops Fever basketball tourney, testing your knowledge in a ravenous game of Crazy 80’s trivia and will have the usual insane barrage of surprises and more.

We encourage you to pass this information along to anyone who might enjoy New York City’s lunacy. As per usual, feel free to join for only part of our Big Adventure or from beginning to end for a day we promise will be unique, affordable, social, and distinctly NYC. Whether you might be attending your first or your umpteenth Big Adventure, we think you’re in for a good time! Developing info (and a chance to RSVP) at facebook.com/TheBigAdventure

The Meatball Shop 12:30 PM- 84 Stanton Street near Orchard Street on the Lower East Side. http://www.themeatballshop.com/ - (212) 982-8895
We’ll be starting the day by, well, going meatballs for meatballs. We’ll enjoy a hearty meal at one of the more recent popular food “Crazes” in NYC: The LES Meatball Shop. We’ll be loading up on a variety of meatball gourmet delights at some really impressively cheap prices. We’ll be arriving early to beat the crowds, kick off our Big Adventure and dine on some insanely good grub.

The Morgan Museum and Library2:00 PM- 225 Madison Avenue at 37th Street. http://www.themorgan.org/home.asp - (212) 685-0008
Heading uptown, we’ll make a stop on MADison Avenue at the Museum founded by the Original Mad Money kind of New York maven: JP Morgan. The Morgan Museum and Library is a wonderful gem devoted to the written word.  Built over a hundred years ago as a private library for John Pierpoint Morgan (with a name like that, you know HE was in the 1%), the museum was recently renovated and is completely devoted to the written word and printed works. Their collection houses everything from a Gutenberg Bible to original Da Vinci drawings to authentic hand-written lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind”, to first printings and manuscripts from just about every American author you can imagine. The most amazing gem is Pierpoint’s ridiculous and insane three story private 1906 library. We’ve seen Barnes & Noble stores that are smaller. The Big Adventure has secured a special Admission of $12 per person for our visit.  

Mad River Bar and Grille 4:00 PM- 1442 3rd Avenue at 82nd Street – Upper East Side. http://www.madrivergrille.com/ - (212) 988-1832
We’ll head to the Upper East Side to take a load off at this always-friendly and spacious bar on 3rd Avenue. We’ll take some time to enjoy drinks and some NCAA conference basketball on some quality TVs (seriously, these boob tubes are impressively sharp and clear). We’ll also put your knowledge to the test with some informal “Crazy 80’s Trivia.” We’ve had our staff of crack researchers working on these stumpers for eleven weeks. Challenge your noggin and enjoy good company in the early afternoon. Plus, Mad River has a solid kitchen to serve your belly.

Ryan’s Daughter- 6:00 PM -350 E 85th St near 1st Avenue – Upper East Side - (212) 628-2613
From Mad River, it is just a short walk over to Ryan’s Daughter. The Best Irish Pub you’ve never visited, the place is warm, cozy and comes complete with new friends just waiting to be made. Ryan’s Daughter takes its name from the old Irish Legend of the Celtic Lord whose only daughter went mad with grief after watching her father fall from sheer seaside cliffs—she spent the rest of her days as a deranged wealthy land owner. Ryan’s Daughter will also be the site of the inaugural Big Adventure Hoops Fever tournament. Along with dueling dart boards and pool table, the bar comes complete with arcade-style Basketball Shooting Game. Will you be the one to take home the giant 4’ trophy we’ve crafted for the occasion?

The Sweets Food Truck
From Ryan’s Daughter, we’re going to use our skills and internet Savvy to track down another NYC Food Craze: the best Sweets Food Truck in NYC. We have some hunches on where to find ‘em, but will track down the tastiness on Saturday as we make our way to the next destination.

Lansdown Road - 8:30 PM -599 10th Avenue at 43rd Street – Hell’s Kitchen www.lansdowneroadnyc.com  - (212) 239-8020
In the evening, we’ll be visiting what we consider to be the best sports bar in New York City. It partially earns that title because if you could care less about basketball, it’s a wonderful bar. And if you like the hoops, we think we’ve picked the perfect place to watch the Big East Conference Tournament Championship Game (next to actually watching it 10 blocks away at MSG of course) at 9:00 PM. Quietly located over on 10th Avenue, it boasts a variety of cheap drinks and a diverse crowd (we’ve met everyone from priests to Spider-Man on Broadway understudies there). We have an area reserved and look forward to dining on the legendary Scruffy Duffy wings, checking out the one-of-a-kind-ice bar and watching some intensely competitive hoops.

New York Beer Company -11:30 PM – 321 W 44th St - http://www.nybeercompany.com/ -212-245-BEER (2337) - It's thrilling that we're visiting this off-the-rocker locale for several reasons. First, since it is a brand spanking new (opened 10 days ago) still has that new bar smell and is eager to please. Second, their astounding variety of beers with delight and surprise. And the best part? Taps at the table. Pour your own beer with a built in tap right at your finger tips. Plus, "The Beer Market" where prices fluctuate up and down throughout the night. We have a reserved space in an already surprisingly large space.

We hope that you’ll join us this Saturday! We’ll be Tweeting throughout the day as well. If you do plan on coming, let us know via e-mail or the Facebook Event Page  so we can plan accordingly. See you on Saturday, March 10th

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