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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pillow Fight NYC 2011

The Fifth International Pillow Fight Day is coming this Saturday, April 3rd in Union Square at 14th and Broadway just as the clock bells strike 3:00 PM. Relive your childhood days in all in good spirit. 

This annual event occurs the first Saturday in April in dozens of cities Internationally, but draws great crowds for the New York City Pillow Fight. There are costumes galore and all ages are welcome (although we might suggest leaving Granny at the home for this one).

We've covered this before, but events like these tend to fall into the No Pants Subway Ride category. Yeah, it was truly awesome when it was an underground almost flash mob event with 500 people astounding unsuspecting crowds, but now with thousands of fluffy cushion touting people it's not quite the same. 

The event is free, but you gotta bring/sacrifice your own feather-free pillow. Look out for the overly-aggressive ones who stuffed their cases with multiple pineapples. 16.000 people have already given their Facebook RSVP so expect a big crowd.

Ah, and a nice bonus to all the pillow mayhem: Leftover synthetic pillows are being donated to animal shelters to make bedding for puppies and kittens. 

Full Information from the Official Site Here

 And, since the Big Adventure always likes to give ya a treat, here is some in-the-field video taken on the front last year. Man, that is a lot of pillows:

1 comment:

  1. Wow, craziness. It looks like fun. Do people really put pineapples in the pillowcases?