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Friday, March 11, 2011

Strip Therapy is Quite Revealing...

Birthday-suit therapist Sarah White conducts naked therapy sessions for troubled New Yorkers Ah, these days everyone seems to have an angle. Falling firmly in "The only in New York Bin", meet Sarah White, the therapist who believes that the best way to treat your problems is for her to strip during your session. Throughout your session, she'll slowly remove various pieces of clothing while you ramble about your childhood. It's like dealing with Freud but with more nudity.

Apparently, the 24-year-old White is 100% serious. But not actually "certified" in anything.  According to a recent article "White studied psychology in college but is not a licensed professional. She also earns a living as a freelance computer programmer". Nice. The Librarian-like glasses are a nice touch, but The Big Adventure is largely unimpressed. We don't know much about psychology, but combining therapy with burlesque just doesn't seem helpful. Man, even her official website looks like it needs to have an Adult Filter: sarahwhitelive.com. 
White charges $75 for 30-40 minutes for an introductory "meet and greet." The full hour-long sessions are approximately $150, but vary somewhat based on an individual basis. She also has a "How to Talk to Girls" program, which is $99 for 45 minutes. 

Read the intriguing Daily News Article here: http://nydn.us/hqynlL

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