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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Big Adventure Recommends: Pulsd NYC

The Big Adventure Recommends: Pulsd NYC

Pulsd is a relatively new offering in the endless world of online NYC deals that’s core purpose seems to be to sift through the endless garbage of doings and loop you into quality last minute and free deals throughout New York City. Yes, Online Services like these are becoming more ubiquitous than the annoying phrase “Going Viral” recently, but this one is worth making a short list of must visits.

What makes ‘em stand out? In short, a higher-caliber list of events and offers, constant update of listings (more than 30 a day) and an easy-to-navigate site that doesn’t bombard you with duds of listing that are clearly paid for (and clearly no one wants).

A few listings on Pulsd. that caught our eye just this morning was Free Coffee at 7-11 till the end of the year, a legitimate Open Bar this evening in Midtown, and 30% off at Bloomingdale’s. Granted, some of the listings (lighting of the tree at Rockefeller center) is news to no one. And one downside is that some offers are list minute or too far in advance, but there are really some solid opportunities revealed for all to see.

In short, Pulsd is one of those sites you can bookmark and scan regularly for some (seemingly) great opportunities. Other similar services require a nominal fee or registration  but there appears to be nothing like that (for now) on Pulsd. And like any quality deal offering web service, there is a twitter feed because we all love that Twitter.Our only complaint is that the lack of an E in their name is really driving the grammerian in us crazy.

Bonus: A San Fran option for those on the left coast.

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