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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Because, Well, Nearly Everyone Loves Meatballs

The Meatball Shop is going all big time....

One popular adage about New York City is that when you live in the city you can get anything you want at anytime of day. That's probably a bit of a stretch of a hyperbole. Except when it comes to food. This is the city where we've discovered Burek, Mousaka and the best Empanada this side of Buenos Aires. More importantly, there is a speciality restaurant for every taste you could ever conceive of. There is the Peanut Butter Sandwich and more restaurant,  The Pickle Guys and of course, the Meatball place.

This Lower East Side tiny hole at Stanton and Orchard has been making news since it opened back in February but recently the Daily News wrote a small piece on it and Yahoo! picked it up nationally. Its a quality place so we thought we'd pass along the article. It Although often packed and, yeah, admittedly a little scene-y, the quality and cost of the food along with the general experience makes up for it. 

Expect a crowd because the place is small and the secrete is already out. But on the plus suide, they are open oh-so-late. Its like the new Criff Dog! Worth reading the article (if you ignore the excessive sophomoric genital themed comments from users and definitely worth visiting. Daily News Article on NYC Delicious Meatballs

And here is a link to The Meatball Shop Yelp Page (because people seem to enjoy like Yelp almost as much as they enjoy meatballs)

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  1. Might be the Finest subject that i read all holiday season?