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Friday, October 1, 2010

NYC October "Must Do" Event #1: 29th Annual Korean Parade

The Big Adventure Presents: NYC October "Must Do" Event #1: 29th Annual Korean Parade, Saturday October 2nd.  Pop quiz, hot shot: What is the number one Asian culture in NYC in terms of number of people and events? If you said Korean, give yourself a gold star and move to the head of the class:

Korean art, culture, sports and bad ass civic pride will be on spectacular display as the Korean Parade marches down Sixth Avenue right next to (shocking) Korea town this coming Saturday, October 2nd.

The event, organized by the Korean-American Association of Greater New York, includes the Parade as well as Korean Music and Food Festivals. Bring on the bibimbap! More than 200 organizations and a whopping 5,000 people are expected to march including some well known Korean musicians and artists. As this event looks pretty awesome, this is sadly he best link we could find to the event. Korea Parade

30th Annual Parade & Festival - NYC, Oct 2 2010 « Maangchi's Korean food and cooking forum

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