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NYC Trivia Part 1 Answers!

 Answers to New York City Trivia - Questions about The Big Apple's Hidden Gems - Part I- 

1.    A few blocks north of Grand Central Station, there is a secret train station platform which was specifically built for what famous 20th Century leader?  

A: Franklin D. Roosevelt - 32nd President of United States

2.    According to legend, who or what was buried in the end zone at the old Gihttp://www.blogger.com/page-edit.g?blogID=3803648598473349961ants Stadium (also known as The Meadowlands)?

A: Jimmy Hoffa

3.    NYC Icon Trinity Church was destroyed twice before the current structure was built in 1846.  What two different causes destroyed the church?  

A: Fire, Blizzard

4.    Back in the 1830’s, Five Points, the worst slum in Western history, was riddled with violence.  Local thugs would pass menus of injuries which itemized violence by price.  Murder was $100.  What was the cost of slicing off an ear? 
A: $5.00 - What a deal!

5.    What Oscar winner from the 1930’s, who was also a star of Roman Holiday, was formerly an usher at Radio City Music Hall?