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NYC Music Trivia Part 5 Answers!

 Answers to New York City Trivia - Questions about The Big Apple's Hidden Gems - Part 5- 

6.  Former Soul Coughing Lead Singer Mike Doughty once sang that he was thankful lord for sending him what specific train?

A: The F Train (to get back to Brooklyn as it speed under the river)

7.  Two Very Different Artists, Two Similar Song Names: Who Sings New York State of Mind? And Who Sings Empire State of Mind?

A: Billy Joel, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

8. Name any Five of The Top 10 Longest Running Musicals on Broadway?

A: 1) Phantom at 9850 performances, 2) Cats, 3) Les Mis, 4) Chicago, 5) A Chorus Line 6) Oh! Calcutta 7)The Lion King 8) Beauty and The Beast 9) Rent 10) Mama Mia  (14 Wicked,)

9.  While studying at Barnard College, Suzanne Vega wrote a song (that would eventually become her biggest hit single) about what location?

A: Tom’s Dinner

10. Which iconic guitar pioneer was playing weekly shows at Iridum Jazz Club into his 90s up until he passed away in 2009?

A: Les Paul