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Friday, September 2, 2011

The NYC Hidden Gems Big Adventure onSaturday, October 15th!

The next NYC Big Adventure is coming-
Announcing: Hidden Gems NYC Big Adventure!

Below are all of the details from our NYC Hidden Gems Big Adventure in which we explored the best of undiscovered locales and hidden hideouts on Saturday, October 15th. New York City has so many incredible hidden gems, many of which we tend to walk past every day.  This helped make planning this Big Adventure easy. Some of these hidden bars we've discovered are nothing short of sensational –they have no signs and no discernable way in; they require some savvy stealth to enter. We will go to places like St. John the Diving, Angel’s Share, Back Room and more. It’s a shame we can't visit them all in one day. 
As per usual, everyone was encouraged to join for only part of the day or from beginning to end for an event that was unique, affordable, social, and distinctly NYC

Cathedral of St. John The Divine11:00 AM -Within the Walls Tour: Spotlight on Hidden Spaces
112th and Amsterdam Avenue, Morningside Heights
 www.stjohndivine.org  -(212) 932-7347 

As part of Open House New York, we’ve gained access to an exclusive tour that they offer only once a year. We explores some of the most hidden walkways, crypts (yikes), stairways and balconies in the already divine St. John The Divine. 
 35th Street & 35th Avenue,  Astoria, Queens
http://sunswick3535bar.com/ - (718) 752-0620 

Next, we’ll head over to Astoria for the perfect midday stop on a Big Adventure: Comfortable atmosphere, lots of space, solid menu and the friendliest bartenders that side of the East River. And of course, they have a constantly rotating selection of 25 craft and seasonable beers on tap, many of which start at a mouth watering $5 per pint. Bonus: Sunswick is in the middle of their Oktoberfest celebration with a custom food and beer menu.  

36th Street and 35th Avenue,  Astoria, Queens 
http://www.movingimage.us/  -(718) 784-0077

Conveniently located two blocks from Sunswick, The Museum of the Moving image recently underwent a giant multi-million dollar renovation that is dedicated to all things film and television. We’ve always thought this is a criminally underrated world-class museum. And now, the icing on the cake, an entire exhibit dedicated to Muppets. Guided Tour, Sound studio and more. Admission is $12, but many large companies offer discounts, so bring your IDs and love for Piggy, Gonzo, Animal and the gang.

Angel’s Share 5:30 PM
Meet at Solas Pub-
232 E 9th St (between Stuyvesant St & 2nd Ave) , East Village.  
(917) 402-5217. 

Angel’s Share is such a unique, classy, hidden Gem that we have to meet at a separate bar just so we can guide everyone there. Swanky, but not elite. Classy, but not stuffy, Angel’s Share may be the best tucked away saloon in the city. No sign on the door but amazing cocktails and atmosphere inside.  We will meet at Solas Pub down the street before we go in.

Puck Fair and Big Adventure NYC Hidden Gem Trivia -8:00 PM
 298 Lafayette Street just south of Houston
 http://www.puckfairbar.com/ -(212) 431-1200

Time to rest our feet with a familiar joint. We get some dinner and down time at Puck Fair – The Best Irish Pub you’ve never been to.  We’ll get cozy, make some new friends and embark on a round or two of custom NYC Hidden Gem Big Adventure trivia.

The Back Room -11:00 PM

Or should we call it the Lower East Side Toy Company? This is the ultimate back room speakeasy complete with all the touches from beer in brown bags to dark, wood decor that make you think that you’re dodging Johnny Law in the 1920’s. How to get in? Well, ya gotta be with us. Text us at the number below or meet us at Puck Far to get the password to get inside.

Coming on Saturday, October 15th, The Big Adventure is going to visit the best secret haunts, hidden locales and unseen spots throughout New York City. More info coming day by day, but you can count on stops listed below and many bars and locales that are literally underground! Hope you can join us for another day to play in New York that is going to be social, inexpensive, fun and 100% uniquely NYC. 

Some of these hidden bars we've discovered are nothing short of sensational. Places like Angel Share, Back Room and more. Shame we can't visit them all in one day. If you're interested in being a part of the day or have any questions, e-mail us at Info@NYCBigadventure.com or sign up on our Facebook Event Page Here.  

Mark your calendars, tell a buddy and scream the news from the highest skyscraper. Everyone is invited and you're welcome to join for just part of the day or from beginning to end. As always, this Big Adventure is designed to be social, inexpensive, unique to the Big Apple and two boatloads of fun. 

Thrilled that the next NYC Big Adventure is set for Saturday, October 15th. We'll start around 1:00 PM and Adventure late into the evening/early morning. .

Feel free to sign up on the event page on Facebook and we hope you can join us for the next NYC Big Adventure on 10/15!

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