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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Letter to the Big Adventure Mail Bag!

From time to time, we're lucky enough to get an e-mail from those who read (i.e. accidentally stumble across) our blog & are seeking insight into NYC goodness and adventures. To that end, here is another sample of our answers on various New York City Big Adventure doings and happenings.

My wife and I are coming to New York City for a few days next month. We've been to town a couple of times and love your Big Adventures, but we're eager to see more of Brooklyn this trip. Do you have anything you can recommend for Brooklyn? Like some sort of Self Guided Brooklyn Big Adventure? -Chris W., Toledo, Ohio

After pouring over our notes, maps, documents and more: we have created a custom tailored Self Guided Brooklyn Big Adventure just for you! Enjoy from the list below. We've placed the locations in order heading East out of Manhattan, but it is a bit implausible to hit all of these locations in one day. In any case, this should be a great way to see the borough which one stood proud as it's own city. 

Walk The Brooklyn Bridge- Mind the cyclists and ignore all the other tourist riffraff. They dissipate by the second pillar leaving the sweeping views to you alone.

Henry Street Ale House- After the surprisingly long walk, reward yourself with a cold beverage just off the bridge in Brooklyn Heights at this cozy, inviting bar.

Brooklyn Historical Society - Best preservation society in the city, pay them a visit and find out more about the wonderful neighborhood

Transit Museum-  We love this place. Behind the Museum of Natural History, it is our favorite Museum in the city: Read our earlier entry here.  

Brooklyn Heights Promenade- More walking, but this path at the edge of Brooklyn has the most spectacular view of Lower Manhattan and the NYC Harbor that you'll find. That is, in part, why people pay top dollar to live in this beautiful houses and quiet streets. Keep an eye out for the Huxtables.

Switching gears, take the train to another section of the BK to visit these haunts:

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Museum amazing exhibits and huge space - think slightly younger cousin to the Met , Prospect Park, and Brooklyn Flea - a fun market in Fort Geene on Saturday and in the old Wonderful Williamsburg Bank building on Sunday.

Also, we think you might enjoy just kicking around Williamsburg. Walking the streets and seeing what is what. We love Gutter and grab some quarters and some beers to play classic Arcarde Games while sharing craft beer at Barcade.

If you have a question, feel free to e-mail Info@NYCBigAdventure

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