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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Real life tales of a NYC Television Actor

Venerable and seemingly omnipresent actor Willie Garson has always held a special place close to the heart of The Big Adventure. We've always found Willie to be a guy one can relate to. Truly a working actor who has had every role under the sun. Any notoriety he has earned has come by grit and drive rather than stunning looks and easy fame. If you look hard enough, you can even spot him in the film Groundhog Day. A local from the NYC area, you're more likely to run into him at Parkside Lounge or The Redhead then Peter Luger's or The Rainbow Room. 
Long before his Sex and The City Days, Willie was locking down TV parts - bit parts to guest staring roles - in every place from Star Trek Voyager to Boy Meets World. Below is a link to the most interesting and entertaining thing we’ve read all week.

We hope that we bump into Willie one day so we can buy him a drink and hear more about his appearance Family Ties and Quantum Leap because, well, that's the type of guy he seems to be. Hey, maybe we can even get him to join in on our Next Big Adventure. 

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