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Monday, May 2, 2011

Because people love Sidewalk Chalk Art...

Thanks again to all who joined us for Saturday's Big Adventure! Later today, we'll post some pristine gallery shots from Saturday's Inaugural Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition at Riverside Park. We’ll also salute and showcase the Top Three Wining installations of chalk ark from our competition.  In the name of fine art, we should let you know that the medium for this creation was “Chalk on Pavement.”

As of late Sunday afternoon, we saw that the Sidewalk Chalk Art is still intact hanging out on the ground just next to Sailors and Solider Monument on the West Side. Furthermore, after we left our art supplies behind for the people, others took up chalk, took the art to the next step by adding splashes of color and additional drawings to the promenade. In short, adding their own foot print with new spring chalk art work. Very cool.

We also plan to show off some bonus shots of the Award Winning Trophy in Action. We learned a valuable lesson on Saturday: Bringing a somewhat unnecessarily ornate two-foot trophy along with you and placing it on the bar is a sensational conversation starter in any situation. And we learned, that yes, eventually people will want to drink directly from the trophy. 

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