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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Enjoy Lunch with World Leaders at the United Nations Delegate Dining Room

The Big Adventure Recommends: Lunch at the United Nations Delegate Dining Room 

Looking for a different lunch dining experience? The Big Adventure suggests a trip to the United Nations Delegate Dining Room. Technically, not even in NYC but firmly placed in International territory at the UN Headquarters on 1st Avenue. This is your chance to impress friends by dining in the upscale commissary usually reserved for the Ugandan Diplomats and Swedish Ambassadors. The real secret is that Dining Room is open to just about anyone. All you need is a reservation made about 24-hours in advance and go through the building’s security process. 

Once you hurdle that mini-gauntlet, the door is opened to dining in an amazing space complete with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning views of the East River. The Wow factor of it all is pretty great. The menu changes from host country to host country on a regular basis (which, unfortunately, makes the quality of the food a bit inconsistent) so you can sample a different world’s cuisine on each visit. It’s an impressive meal that allows you to dine like a diplomat complete with ID badge and hobnobbing with international power-players.
Note that the hours are kind of tight: Monday-Friday 11:30-2:00m PM. Business attire is required: jackets for men; jeans, shorts, sneakers and flip-flops are not permitted. The meal runs around $25. 

Reservations required (212) 963-7625.
1UN Plz, New York,NY

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