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Friday, August 13, 2010

America's Fastest Growing Bar Sport is....Skee-Ball?

Okay, well that might be a stretch, but we thought the article from this week's Time Out New York was pretty fascinating. In line with the "Something for everyone" maxim of NYC, there is apparently a "Brewskee-Ball League" social league Skee-Ball league in Brooklyn. The good news is that it apparently is a hot league for a romantic connection. The bad news is that it apparently costs a $100 to join....why? Do you get personal coaching lessons by Skee-Ball great Kensington Chichester?

We only bring it up becuase we're definitely starting the next Big Adventure on Saturday, August 28th with a Winner-Take-All Skee-Ball Tourney at Ace Bar at 2:00 PM. It will be nothing shy of epic. (And, no, there is no such person as Kensington Chichester)


Pickup scene - Social sports leagues - Time Out New York

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