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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Big Adventure recommends: The Glass Bar at Hotel Indigo

The Big Adventure Recommends: The Glass Bar at Hotel Indigo on 28th Street between 6th Ave and 7th Ave in Manhattan, NY.

So, now is the time of year when you may want to do some of your drinking outside. Incredibly long days with lots of sun, but easy on the humidity. However, finding a quality roof top bar or outdoor patio bar can be a challenge for a thousand and one reasons. That's where Hotel Indigo's brand new 20th Floor roof top bar on and you will meet at the corner or Tasty Drinks Blvd and Low Hassle Court.

Opened just six weeks ago, the word has yet to get out on this somewhat secret Midtown locale. Amazing views, small, easy going crowd (a bit older; a bit preppier), friendly service and a fantastic setting. The glass themed outdoor d├ęcor becomes even more impressive at sunset. As expected, you pay a bit of a premium for the view but the prices are still reasonable, comparable to other bars in the area and, as a nice bonus, we’ve had some amazing service there so far.

But the time of grabbing a seat and relaxing in mixed company may be drawing to a close as the word gets out : Time Out New York is set to publish a rave review on Hotel Indigo’s bar and the proverbial Ass Hats of Summer are scouting out locations just like this one so we suggest making a visit sooner rather than later.



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