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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Big Adventure Presents - Countdown to The Belmont Stakes - 12 Days of Interesting Facts!

Fact #7 – The officiall flower of the Belmont Stakes? The carnation. It’s a logical choice to crown the winner of the 1½-mile race with these because pure white carnations traditionally stand for love and luck, but they are also hardy, long-lasting flowers. So, the winner get not only a huge cash purse, a glowing trophy but also some flowers.

It takes approximately 700 carnations imported from Colombia to create the 40 pound blanket. The blanket is then draped over the winner of the Belmont Stakes in the winner's circle. The Big Adventure is looking into acquiring a carnation blanket for their own personal use because it sounds kinda comfortable and warm.

For fans looking to catch a glimpse of the official blanket, the best place is to catch several NYRA staffers tour the building with the carnation mantle, stopping for about 20 minutes on all four floors of the Clubhouse to post for photos and answer questions like "Hey, can I have that when you're done with it?"


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