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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Film Big Adventure Details!

For the photo gallery from this Big Adventure click here!
With both the next Big Adventure and Oscar night on the horizon, we wanted to provide out all the details for Brooke and Phil’s Film Big Adventure. We’re hoping you can join us in just under two weeks on Saturday, March 6th:

Below are the particulars on our cinematic day complete with all the info you need to get from location to location around NYC. You can always visit us on The Blog or FaceBook Page for more information as it develops. We’re plan to roll the projectors around 2:30 PM, but, as always, feel free to meet up with the Big Adventure at any point throughout the day.

Brunch at Film Center Café – 2:30 PM - 9th Avenue at 45th St (Hell’s Kitchen). We’ll start the day with a brunch at this charming location that boasts an unlimited drink brunch (or AYCD for those in the know) as well as a delicious selection of pancakes, omelets and more. Sure, it might cost more than movie theater popcorn with extra butter, but it’ll help get you through the day better.

Paley Center for Media- 4:00 PM - 52nd Between 6th and 7th Avenue (Midtown)– Ah, we bet you’ve never been to this museum (formerly known as the Museum of Television and Radio). An amazing place, Paley boasts one of the largest collections of archived television programs and video clips in the world. After viewing some of their permanent collection, we’re going to set up a custom screening. Trust us, you’ll love it. Admission is $6.

The Blind Tiger- 6:00 PM – To celebrate the “The Blind Side” - 281 Bleecker near Commerce and 7th Avenue (West Village). To salute Sandra Bullock’s Oscar Winning performance (she’s a lock; trust us), we’re going to visit one of the best Ale Houses in the city. With an incredible beer selection that would make Sam Adams salivate, great relaxed setting and tasty dishes, this is one of our favorite bars in the city.

Viewing of the 2010 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Filmsat the IFC Theater -7:00 PM - 3rd Street & 6th Avenue (West Village). This should be as enjoyable as it is unique – The IFC is screening all six of this year’s nominees. Certain to be an eclectic collection of animated shorts you won’t see anywhere else. That way, when the Oscar is presented for animated short, you can say you’ve actually seen it. There is even an entry for Wallace and Gromit - A Matter of Loaf and Death (hah!). We’ll be getting tickets in advance, so be sure to let us know if you are interested. Otherwise, you'll have to get them on your own that day, and know that it may sell out. Tickets are $12.50

Cowgirl Hall of Fame – 9:30 PM- To mark the achievement of “Crazy Heart”- 519 Hudson between 10th and Charles Street (West Village) –Jeff Bridges himself would feel right at home at this restaurant/bar with a fun & festive atmosphere. A touch campy without being ridiculous, you can drink your margarita from a boot. We’ll also be doing a Razzie pool inviting you to make predictions on the year’s worst films. Trying to line up an appearance by Maggie Gyllenhaal, but oddly enough she’s not returning our calls.

Flight 151 Bar- 11:30 PM– To revel in the glory of “Up In The Air” - 18th Street and 8th Avenue (Chelsea) -A bar with an aviation theme is perfect for people who want to go to the airport but don’t want to fly. They check off on all the key ingredients needed for a Big Adventure: cheap drink prices, popcorn at the bar, invitations to draw on bar napkins and, best of all, flight announcements in the bathroom.

French Roast – Late Night - For Un Prophète (Foreign Language Film Nominee) and the eponymous animated film - 11th Street at 6th Avenue (Greenwich Village)– We’ll end the night, dine on some delectable café fare and say our adieus at this popular 24 hour staple as the end credits start to roll…

As always, there will be a mix of surprises, personal touches and a contest or two of personal skill that tend to accompany every Big Adventure.

Keep in mind all are welcome so feel free to pass this on to whomever you choose. The auditorium can hold all for this screening. Let us know if you think you might make it so we have an idea for size and how many tickets to buy in advance. Hope to see you next Saturday!

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