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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brooke and Phil’s International Big Adventure Update!

We’re hoping you can join us next Saturday, December 5th.

We’re going to get started around
2:00 PM, but feel free to meet up with the roaming Big Adventure at any point throughout the day. Below is the detailed Itinerary complete with the foreign lands we’ll be visiting without leaving NYC.

-Lederhosen – 2:00 PM -39 Grove Street –Near 7th Ave and Christopher Street in the West Village.

Our day begins here! Between the over-the-top Bavarian mural and well-priced
German cuisine, Lederhosen is the perfect blend of schtick and deliciousness. Often cited as the real Deutch deal when it comes to dishes from schnitzzle to the imported beer and wine.

Spain - Manhattan Fencing Center – 4:00 PM - 225 W 39th St, 2nd Fl – Near 7th Avenue.

That’s right. We’re going fencing. Foils, Épées, Sabres and those crazy mesh masks. We’ll be taking an entry level class custom taillored just for us. The hope is that Mandy Patinkin will coach us and then accuse us of killing his father over and over again as he searches our hands for six fingers. We'll keep you posted if you need to bring any additional gear.

Canada -Pinetree Lodge -6:00 PM -326 E 35th St - Between 1st Ave & Tunnel Entrance St.

After all that exercise, we’ll kick back at the ole Pinetree Lodge. Tucked away on 35th Street, its chock full of charm and giant moose heads…just like they have in Canada! We’ve reserved one of their cozy dens and have arranged for 2-for-1 drink specials. Their Pine Tree Ale is a must try. Note that their are TWO locations with "Pine Tree" in the title near one another. Do NOT go to the one on first Avenue. You'll be much happier drinking near the Midtown tunnel and Chinese Embassy.

Ireland – Fáilte Irish Whiskey Bar -8:30 PM - 531 2nd Ave- Between 29th St & 30th St

Just around the corner from Pinetree Lodge, we’ll make a stop at Fáilte. The bar’s name is Gaelic for “Welcome” and is pronounced “fault-ya” as in “I know you stole my money, but I won’t fault ya.” They have received endless accolades for the Best Irish Coffee in the city. A wonderful Whiskey Bar that captures the spirit of the Emerald Isle. John, the affable and attentive bartender, is setting up a space just for us.

Russia- KGB Bar -10:30 PM 85 E 4th St – Near 2nd Ave.

Man, we love this bar. Located on the second floor above a small performance space and decked out in red, this Communist throwback dive is plastered with posters of Iconic, fallen leaders from the land of Tsars. An endless vodka selection behind the bar and, to be honest, it is the opposite of the bar where everyone knows your name…or even cares that you’re there. With supposed ties to old Russian revolutionists, we always feel like a Bolshevik revolution is just about to go down while we're inside.

Korean –Won Jo Korean BBQ -Late Night - 23 W 32nd Street between 5th and 6th

Located in the heart of Korea Town, we’ll cap off the evening with some late night tasty grub: cook-it-on-the-table style. An array of colorful and exotic foods combined with a 24 hour restaurant the specializes in open flame at the table = win. Plus,as a nice bonus its close to a dozen subway lines near 34th Street.

As always, there will be a mix of surprises, personal touches and a contest or two of personal skill (How well do you know your International Flags and Geography?) that tend to accompany every Big Adventure.

Keep in mind all are welcome so feel free to pass this on to your friends, roommates, landlords, and more.

The more the merrier. No need to RSVP, but let us know if you think you might make it so we have an idea for size. Also let us know if you have any questions and suggestions are always welcome. Hope to see you next Saturday!

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